In the month of September, Rotary emphasizes its commitment to the youth and these include Rotaractors, Interactors and Young actors.

Rotary clubs are encouraged to conduct special programs with appropriate topics that will engage the youth. Among those, the Rotaractors can officiate fellowship at their sponsoring Rotary clubs. In this case a Rotaract President presides over the Rotary fellowship and a young professional from any vocation is hosted as guest speaker.

Some Rotary clubs have taken a step further by officiating their Rotaract club’s fellowship. It’s always a humbling gesture to see Rotarians mingle freely with the Rotaractors.

Add fun to your fellowship this month, for example the Rotaract Club of Kyambogo hosted UBC Tv sports analyst Peter Mark Otai and a renown Liverpool die had fun, Past Assistant Governor Ben Waira from Rotary Kampala Central to what Rct Kyambogo called its Sports Kimeeza. It was an interesting Sports fellowship were members also wore their fav sports team jerseys.

As the Rotary family adds as many fun programs as possible during this month, the youth are also encouraged to invite many of their friends to join the wonderful family of Rotary.

To all the youth out there, its your month in Rotary, make the best of it, get known in your sponsoring clubs, join the Rotarians for their projects as we Engage Rotary and change lives.

Don’t forget, Rotary International President Ron D. Burton will be in Uganda for the International Youth Conference or what you can call the African RYLA from 3rd – 6th November 2013. The conference will be held at Hotel Africana kampala for a fee of only $10. It’s a must attend; you’ll get a chance to meet many other Rotaractors across Africa. Nigerian Rotaractors have promised a tsunami on Uganda, let’s be ready for them and many other guests.


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