Being a first time visitor to the Rotaract club of Kyambogo can be quite an overwhelming experience. As a first timer myself, I couldn’t  help but look in awe as it all dawned upon me, a “well oiled machine”  I thought  and was not at all fictitious  .Great attendance coupled  with a vibrant membership  always makes for great fellowship ,most telling though is the number of relevant guest speakers  they always have lined up. In order to put all I had witnessed on my maiden visit into perspective, I decided to take up a keen interest in Rotaract Kyambogo’s crowning glory, their after fellowship venue, the now famous “Red house.”

 The mission at hand was to uncover the secret behind the Red house’s impeccable reputation and well, what a journey it turned out to be for me. From the first time you approach this structure, you are drawn to its uniqueness. Quite honestly, very few buildings in the vicinity are painted entirely red. As if to prepare you  for the entirely authentic experience this place offers, it looks picturesque from whichever angle you look at it from quite like something out of a 50s postcard. The only way I was assured of a successful investigation was if I was to stay recluse and antisocial. Besides Rotaractor Martin Kiiza and then P.E Nicholas Tenywa, I know not a soul in the Rotaract club of Kyambogo  except vaguely, this meant any chances of being found out were between zero to none because in these two I had found a perfect disguise. This only meant that I had to position myself in a location less likely to draw attention, “Eureka,” The Bar counter.

From this vantage point, I was able to observe people, behavioral patterns and also embrace what the Red house experience is all about. This place draws all sorts of characters but such is the power of Rotaract. These characters hold personal uniqueness that can only be expressed in a book not an expose article so I categorized them:

The dancers; Dance to each song and are overly enthused by hit songs, willing to show off their best dance moves at no particular fee. They create an atmosphere only unique to the Red house.

The Bar counter Crew; Recluse all about their drinks and occasionally shy to mix and mingle. Love to observe as others do. Also seen as possibly slow by counterparts. Also use the counter as an attempt to show financial power.

The boys; Like the ladies and want to dance to every song they love with them sometimes to zero effect or success. They occasionally play pool and buy drinks. Dance around the table to Bedroom bully.

The cool peeps; Hate loud music so they leave after fellowship. When they stay back, they sit outside to catch up on the latest jazz. Also a technique used by peeps who don’t want to buy drinks.

The D.js; Set the mood and play mad vibes

 While there is a lot to do at the red house, it’s the people that captivate you the most and why not, this year’s Rotary theme demands that we socialize, Engage Rotary and Change Lives. My first non Rotaract encounters were with two characters we are all too familiar with. The lady behind the counter, she always serves you with a smile, kind in nature I later came to know that she was known as Babirye.

Special mention though is reserved for the character I met next, a kind natured gentleman who goes about his work with youthful dedication and vigour. It wouldn’t surprise you to find out that has he has been at the Red house for over 15years, John is testament to the saying age is but a number. Looking at the way these two work,  it’s easy to see why this place is truly special. In my opinion some of the virtues that these two epitomize can be adopted into our daily lives as Rotaractors. Red house is addictive in its own way but then again why not. Remember! What happens in the Red house stays in the Red house.

                                                                                                               Rotaractor Aaron Gad Orena

                                                                                                                   P.R rct Bweyogere-Namboole

                                                                                   Also the brain behind twitter Hashtag #Redhouse



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