Beewol At Redhouse

With a fresh aura, we were ushered into the new year by our ‘Mugole’ President, Bbosa James Collins on Thursday 2nd July, 2015. Owing to the digital movement of the world today, what better to understand how to go forward than a Guest Speaker handling the befuddlement that is the internet.

Bernard Ewalu Olupot was the guest speaker. He is common amongst his peers and social cliques as the ‘Beewol’ brand. Producer/Presenter at Touch FM, Social Media fixer with QlikSocial, Blogger with & New Vision, ladies & gentlemen, he was the best candidate for the presentation that evening.

With a voice that got all the girls off their phones, (you all know how hard that is nowadays) Bernard got his presentation on by suggesting that before we understand social media, how about we study this thing called the internet? It was all fun and games until he said, “Imagine you woke up tomorrow and there was no internet!” For a second, everyone was gobsmacked. No one had seen this coming. This made the entire house realise that there was life before the internet, and surely there’ll be one after.

11 mentions of the word ‘Awesome’ later, he went on to advise us that social media is a platform from which one can get filthy rich without breaking a sweat. The various platforms of social media namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Snapchat etc present more fronts of wealth every single day. Furthermore, we all need to know that it is how we use social media that can elevate us or worse still, lead to out prejudice. Social media, also, can be the tool you are to use to portray a specific brand. However, one ought to be careful with what the post on these platforms. Once something has been put on the internet, not even the delete option can erase it because technology introduced the ‘screenshot.’

After a very brilliant presentation, his conclusion was meant to be the usual but his wailing for a ‘Kyambogo hug’ couldn’t go unnoticed and this left the president with no choice but to ask one of the ladies to nurture the ‘hug’ urges that had been burning within Bernard for a while now.

A few excerpts from Bernard’s presentation;

1. How you portray yourself on social media could be the reason you get or lose a job. #BeewolAtRedhouse

2. Post something you wouldn’t want to delete at a later time. #BeewolAtRedhouse

3. Social Media is a place where you can get filthy rich without breaking a sweat. Do not restrict yourself to one platform.  #BeewolAtRedhouse

4. Social media is a virus that has come, please get it  #BeewolAtRedhouse



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