TLK Unplugged

In the inception, there was Bernard. Bernard came to the Red house and preached his gospel of making money off social media. We paid heed to this doctrine and went out just as Jesus instructed the 72. We actually outrivalled our own selves. Most impressed with our work was the Rotaract Club Of Kyengera. They loved the idea, picked from Bernard, that we sold them. As a token of appreciation, they were kind enough to lend us their President for a single fellowship.

Not to bloviate but we have arguably the best president Rotaract 256 has to offer. What were we to do with another president? Sooner, rather than later, it occurred to one of the directors that we could have an unplugged session of this ‘prized’ president. Word was sent out, approved and we were good to go. The prized president, Tonny Lubanja Kiwanuka aka TLK, was in no position to boomerang.


The Red house was all filled with euphoria at fellowship time. The questions and pannel were organised in a way that TLK wouldn’t feel miffed at any one chance. A slight chance of slander, he, allegedly, had assembled a team of lawyers to arraign the responsible parties.

With the Rotary norms out of the way, questions began to rain down on TLK like the El Nino was in the neighborhood. From a few questions, we got to learn that TLK is single and also in a complicated relationship. We failed to establish his correct age and also duration in Rotaract. He was forced to adjust his extra pair of eyes a staggering 14 times in 3 minutes. Nonetheless, he approached the Q&A session with such poise and one would clearly tell he was ready for what lay ahead.


About his rather blurry sex life, it was not long before the girls from Rotaract Bugolobi established doubt in his theory of virginity. He was forced to confess he was one, and later go on to deny it. With all eyes prowling, he clearly couldn’t indentify his ‘girlfriend’ and this didn’t go well with the revellers. He later confessed, though painfully, that there was an Immediate Past President (Name withheld) that matched his criteria and qualities of a real woman and that if he had a chance, he’d wife her as soon as the sun set in the West.

Questions about his age rose and he proudly proclaimed how a little older than the NRM regime he was. This only meant one thing; he is an honorary member of the class headed by Past President Thomas Magambo.

After telling us he was professionally for close to seven years, he retorted and cut them short to six. There was something Desire Luzinda about TLK and years.

In a nutshell, it was a fellowship that lived up to its billing and this would never have been possible with the man in the hot seat, the very first of its kind.

Elsewhere, the Rotaract Earth Initiative was launched and the #BuffaloNation opened their account with a humble 42 trees, to which we look to add.


One thought on “TLK Unplugged

  1. that fellowship was awesome,
    how you put it all in words is nothing short of mindblowing!
    you made me re _live every intricate detail!
    Thank you sir!


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