Eid Mubarak Plus Plus

It was crystal clear, the end of the Holy Month of Ramadhan was nigh. It was only fair we dedicated this one fellowship to grasp the ideas that inspire the devotion within Muslims towards Ramadhan.

Sooner, rather than later, it was agreed we have a Ramadhan themed fellowship i.e #RamadhanWithGava. Our country chair had quite the busy schedule and he appointed another friend of the #BuffaloNation in ADRR Sharif Kalanda, also a Past President of Rotaract Club Of Lake Victoria to come and cover for him.


Clad in a spotless white thawb, Sharif took the podium and began to spew loads of information about Ramadhan that were leaving the audience wondering how he easily pronounced the terms. Of the lessons learnt;

1. One has to observe 5 mandatory Swalah.
2. Ramadhan is not a tool of weight loss but loss of sins.
3. Ramadhan is all about finding inner purity.
4. Zakat Iftar is a must give.
5. Treat Ramadhan like a guest and it will honor you like a host, meanwhile, treat Ramadhan like a burden and it’ll retort by treating you like a prisoner.

After this episode of education, it was announced that Eid would be the following day. This news was welcomed by such euphoria, vividly exhibited by Christians, more than the Muslims. Sharif left a mark on all of us.

Also, the day after Eid, #BuffaloNation had a mini-retreat and club assembly at JACA Residence in Kisaasi that wasn’t short of drama. To get constructive ideas from his members, President Collins served us with what he manoeuvred and called kikalaayi. The meal got a number of the members sprawling.


He opened the discussion and not before long, the innate qualities showed up and he ‘beat the buffalo.’ He also tried to emphasize a point and ended up saying ‘Me as me.’

Notably though were times like when Eliot was making a point and he insisted to say, ‘I have the flow.’ There was a unison reply that went like ‘Tukole tutya,’ which is luganda for ‘What shall do about that?’ Like Nicholas Asiimwe said, we really had more ‘varid leasons’ to stay for the meeting as Douglas came up to quote and said ‘Mine as me, I…..’ It was clearly getting out of hand, obviously obnoxious. As if that wasn’t enough, there was a blonde moment where Kiyungi was called upon to say something and he asked his caller to elaborate. The entire #BuffaloNation burst into laughter.


While we were encouraging members to pay club dues, President Collins said something about Rotary Clubs that pay millions in dues and Past President Thomas was quick to.whisper in Flavia’s ear, “That’s exactly why I don’t want to go to Rotary & I’m still around.” Now you all know why.

There was a lot to quote from the mini-retreat but we shall beg to end here and hope to see you this Thursday at Red house.


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