Appreciate The Interactors

The Rotaract Club of Kyambogo has always taken a pivotal role in nurturing Interactors and clearing their path to transition into Rotaract and eventually, Rotary. Concomitantly, when the Old Girls and former Interactors of Wanyange Girls’ School reached out to us and with the possibility of partnering on a public health and literacy project in the Kamuli district, we were more than elated. We, of course came on board and even pledged to give them one of our fellowships as a platform.


(Flyer credit; Brian Kaweewo)

True to our word, this last Thursday, 23rd July, 2015, we hosted these Old girls in a fellowship dubbed and under the hash tag  #AppreciateInteract. Precious Birungi, project head and chemist in the making was guest speaker. Her energy and commitment were infectious. She told us why they had chosen this particular project, the major reason being, as she said, to advocate for the girl child mostly, but also for every child’s right to a good & sustainable education. Precious believes that, quote: “A Woman’s Struggle Is National.”


(Photo Credit; Jp Sonko)

She disclosed, with utmost fretfulness, to us that in the community they hoped to impact, besides girls lacking sanitary towels, school children wrote on the ground and therefore when it rained, with the rain went the notes. It wasn’t long before club members quickly made their pledges to this cause led by club Treasurer and President Collin’s right hand man, Nic Asiimwe & DRR Nicholas Tenywa, who on behalf of his co-owned Cuffie Designs, made a commitment to generously contribute to the cause too.


(Photo Credit; Jp Sonko)

There were a few queries about the project with President Damaris of Rotaract Club of IHSU expressing concerns that emphases are often put on the girl child, leaving the boys out. Precious’ response was that as much as the emphasis was on girls, boys too were to be catered for in this project. One of the evening’s guests, Raymond, was curious if Precious and her team had a sustainability plan or review for the project which he stressed was imperative. Raymond went on to pledge guidance and consultation to the girls.

Being a field the #BuffaloNation brags about, the president called time on fellowship with everyone in high spirits about Kamuli & Wanyange Girls. After fellowship (which was loud), was catered for by P.E Keyza Martin as people were also seeking solace at the Red House bar counter and pool table.

We hope you’ll all join us in Kamuli this September but before then, for this week’s fellowship hosted by a team from Steve Jobs’ APPLE company.


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