Katoto At Redhouse

Last year, videos of an animated character called Katoto emerged. From the “Christmas N’okuliisamaani” video that ushered us into the Christmas season to the latest where Katoto meets and takes a selfie with M7, It’s safe to say Katoto has been taking Kampala and the rest of Uganda by storm. So last Thursday when the fellowship’s organizers “Apple Buddy Group” revealed they were bringing “Katoto,” anticipation everywhere shot through the roof. Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with the news, every guest was calling to confirm the time fellowship starts, other Rotaractors like a one President Noah Nyabwana of Rotaract Nansana, it is alleged, was camped at the RedHouse since 5:00 p.m a whole hour to when fellowship actually starts.


Flyer by: Michael Senyonjo

Time check 6:00 p.m. It’s full house. Wi-fi password passing around. Sitting president Michael Ssenyonjo calls fellowship to order. Next to him in the seat usually reserved for the guest speaker, is a young man clad in black and wearing spects. That is him. Richard Musinguzi, an architect, also brains behind the Katoto phenomenon. Members give their make up and visitation reports, Rotaract norms are all recited, guests and visiting Rotaractors are introduced. The guest speaker is introduced and invited to give his presentation.


Richard spoke casually and oh so passionately. He right away said he wanted the fellowship to be fun and not serious. On a projector earlier set up, he showcased some of his sketches,videos and other projects that were in the works. Richard revealed that his latest Katoto video took about 1,500 or more sketches to bring to life. That was one minute and 30 seconds of action. Clearly, Richard is one passionate and patient man.

With a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Richard clearly spells out that cartoons have been his fascination since his early toothless days. He went on to preach the gospel of following one’s passion and not letting anything get in the way. Patience is another virtue he stressed one ought to have.

Not before long, he was done with his presentation and the president later brought the flamboyant house fellowship to a close. After fellowship was next on the agenda. Til next fellowship…..


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