Mwekuume In house Training

Many a time, we are ecstatic to be part of a new family. Learning and getting well acquainted with the all and sundry may not be a walk in the park. This is why, occasionally, there are workshops, seminars and training sessions to alleviate people’s knowledge. This, too, is custom to Rotary. This past weekend, Saturday, 1st August, 2015, the three Mwekuume rotaract clubs i.e Kyambogo, Rubaga & Bukoto held a training of the kind at Zodiac Bar & Grill with exclusive and exceptional facilitators.


(The Mwekuume Presidents L-R; Collins, Sherrie & Patrick)

The premier session was chaired by Bukoto’s beautiful president, Sharifah and she wasted no time in getting the norms of Rotaract out of the way and invite the first facilitator.


WCPs L-R; TLK, Anitah, Jp(not WCP), Noah, Shamim, Collins, Sherrie, Douglas

Jacob Ssendawula Kiwanuka, IPP of the Rotaract Club Of Makerere University, popularly referred to as The Encyclopedia was the first speaker, talking about TRF. TRF is short for The Rotary Foundation. As expected, he exuded loads of information and notably, there were highlights. He went on to inform us of Rotary’s three arms: Financial, Administrative & Executive. Jacob goes on, “Contributions to TRF aren’t so outrageous, as they start with as little as $10.” There are catergories of donors;
1. Contributors of $100, annually, in addition to their $1000 are called Sustaining members.
2. Contributors of $1000 to TRF are known as PHFs (Paul Harris Fellows), & belong to the Paul Harris Society. Every added $1000 earns the contributor an added on the lapel pin.
3. Contributors of $10000 are referred to Major donors.

There are RI & TRF programs. Of the latter, we have Grants, exchange programs. Of RI programs, we have RYLA, Rotaract, Interact. Jacob signed out by urging the populace to check out for more information.


Right after Jacob, Nathan Muwooya Kamba, with a whole directory for a CV, was the next facilitator and he was addressing impacting projects. Points to note; Rotaract offers different avenues of service namely; International service, vocational service, Club Service, Community Service, Youth Service. Through all these, it is imminent that lives of both the provider and the receiver will ameliorate. The provider will grow vocationally. Before a project, needs assessment is vital as it will help prioritize, encourage community involvement, builds relationships and addresses sustainability. After the assessment, sustainability will be observed with a comprehensive plan. Projects need astute mobilization, organization and time consciousness.
After this presentation, we had a snacked break.


The second session,  chaired by Rubaga’s Patrick, had IPP Jp Sonko as the premier act. He was addressing the history of Mwekuume. Off the record, Jp is a well trained cook, but somehow ended up balancing sheets. Mwekuume, the idea started from after fellowship of Rotaract Rubaga aka Kabalaza in 2006. President Hudson Mutalya of Rubaga by then, shared the idea with Ronnie, a member of Kyambogo who sold it to President Nsubuga of Kyambogo, who bought it. The MoU was signed on 5th December, 2006 and was witnessed by PDG Kawalya. Rotaract Bukoto applied in 2013/2014 to join the family and the accepting MoU was signed on 12th September, 2013. Mwekuume is luganda for “Let’s be together, and support one another to grow together.”


After the enriching History class, PP Bernard Mukasa of Rotaract Kololo was to talk about giving and fundraising. He opened his account by affirming that by being part of Rotaract, we’re  naturally givers. The best guidelines to giving are the yearly Rotary themes. Also, we give to different causes, in different ways. We give to our clubs financially by paying our dues, contributing to monetary drives for projects. We give to our clubs in form of time, recruiting members with A1 & top notch quality. We give for the basic survival of our clubs.


To a society, we give through projects, bodily presence at these projects, maintenance, vocational & professional assistance too.
Fundraisers are meant to have a genuine and known cause, one that is appealing to revellers. In this case, accountability is key.


The third and last session was presided over by Kyambogo’s own, Collins. He invited forth Rotarian & Past DRR, Malcolm Mpamizo, a proud mukiga. Malcolm’s task was quite easy, basing on his profile, heavier in data than many music videos; Rotaract~Back to basics.
Malcolm opened up by asking everyone to assess what made them join the organization and what has made them stay this long. The salient reasons keeping us in Rotary are not written law, but rather, reflective and derived. After careful synthesis, one will realize that one Rotaract goal will lead to the other. They should inspire what follows next in life. Just like the fifth goal, Rotary is the final destination where we should all end up.
To be efficient agents of service, we ought to observe the small nd basic etiquette of Rotaract and observe programs like RYLA for the learning opportunities they provide, rather than the pompous fun we look up to. A club revolves on a rotational 80~20 rule and we should strive to always be part of the 20.
Malcolm ended by quoting Albert Einstein that, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll live its entire life believing it’s stupid.”


The final facilitator was Shubey Nantege from Go Girl Africa Foundation. Hers was Rotary Vijana Poa. Rotary Vijana Poa is a business incubation hub that is here to tackle unemployment. This is hoped to be achieved using the multplier system of employment. Shubey encouraged to make sure they have Vijana Poa committees, trainings and trainers from within and also projects which have hefty rewards from DG Bob & Rotarian Muso.


To the Rotaract Clubs that joined us i.e. Kampala Kibuli, Nateete Kampala, Nansana, Kampala North, Kampala Ssese Islands, Kampala South, Kampala the ROCK, Makerere University, Lake Victoria, Kololo, Kyengera, Bugolobi and the Rotary Club Of Kiwatule, words cannot explain our gratitude. Thank you.


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