Kawaddwa Unplugged

There was World Class President TLK as the first victim of the Hot seat Unplugged fellowship. Word spread like a fire and soon everyone wanted a piece. We decided to take it a notch higher and have a Rotarian in the seat. Guess who won the race for the seat?


It was decided. In our second edition of the famous Unplugged Fellowship, one of President Gatete’s new inventions (this President is on a roll I tell you! ), we had a Rotarian, yes you read right, on the #HotSeat. Ronald Kawaddwa, of the Rotary club of Kasangati and Assistant Governor of District 9211 was unplugged last Thursday 6th August at the RedHouse.

About half an hour before the start of fellowship, the Rotarian arrived at the RedHouse. Which wasn’t surprising at all because well, we all know Rotarians are the guardians of time.  IPP JP Sonko, moderator of the session soon after the Rotary norms walked up to the front, introduced Ronald and invited him to take the much dreaded Hot Seat.

Now Ronald’s introduction left us all wondering whether to ask him questions that would “roast” him or just get tips on how to make it in life. From his early days as an academician and how he transitioned to a full-blown career in Human Resource Management, to his Rotary journey from which he got a wife(bonus, right?) and together with her, made a beautiful family, Ronald Kawaddwa is without a doubt an accomplished man.

Yes, questions were asked about his success, but we were undeterred from “roasting” him. Questions were asked, hard questions. So hard even the Rotarian could not go not outsmart his way around them, so he opted to pay his way out of them. Questions about his past and present crushes, who he would marry if he was single again clearly caught him off guard. For every question whose answer he couldn’t give, he dropped a fresh 10k in the basket. Rotarian Ronald during this session revealed that Greece was his dream destination and that he would never choose between Rotary and family because both were a part of his life.

It was over roll an entertaining (as usual) fellowship and we definitely look forward to having the next unplugged session. Till next Thursday, keep calm and love Rotaract Kyambogo!

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