Induction Fellowship

We’re not to stay in this for long. Also, a form of reward and service towards our clubs is to recruit new members with equal of even more zeal into our clubs. With this, we can sustain the level of productivity of our clubs.

In the last Thursday of the Membership & Extension month, the Buffalo Nation was welcoming 10 new cubs to the herd. Martha, Ritah, Precious, Mercy, Samuel, Morton, Peter, Edgar, Dennis & Robert. The problem with having an engineer for a president is he’ll apply all laws and assumptions even in fellowship. Our guest Rotarian, PDG Chris Mutalya earned himself the ‘Inductor’ title.

The ‘freshers’ were welcomed with a lot of warmth, except for Ritah. A one Nicholas Asiimwe wasn’t so happy with her induction. For 2 and a half years running, Nicholas was the youngest member of the club until this induction night. He was seen to be sobbing throughout fellowship.


This is Nicholas Asiimwe. No longer the club’s baby. (photo credit; Footage Photography

It was a night of celebration and joy with Cuffie events taking over after fellowship, as always.

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