Single Schools or Mixed Schools? Busitema Is Ripening

Now an initiative of Rotaract Uganda, Rotaractors have been tasked to get out of their comfort zones and find a way to reward mother earth. As set of 25th September to 27th September, 2015, all eyes turn to Busitema Forest Reserve, all thanks to the liaison with National Forestry Authority.


In a bid to support one of the theme nights of the weekend, the High School Night, the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo, thought it was to stage a mock-debate, with the ‘high school’ feel to it. The theme was one that hit where it hit most, and painfully. ‘Single Schools are better than Mixed Schools.’ Do we all recall how boisterous and heated those debates were? The debate was no short of drama.


WCP Collins quickly got the norms out of the way and had members in the house get comfortable in their favored sides, proposers & opposers. IPP Kenny Rand of Rotaract Club Of Nateete-Kampala set the ball rolling with brazen arguments pointing out the facts that Single Schools cater, to the bone, for a specific sex to ensure the stern development of that sex, into a world where they will be cognizant of their surrounding. An old boy of St. Henry’s College Kitovu, he enamored the audience into ululations, all in anticipation of his next views. He went on to squabble that single schools are very strict with upright character. This was received with a thunderous clap from the proposers side which was filled with SMACK, Namilyango, Ntare, Namagunga, Nabbingo, Bweranyangi, MaryHill et al.

It was time for the opposers to make their own or better still refute the proposers. None better than country chair, Ibrahim Gava Kalule to command the opposers army composed of Kitende, Macos, Mengo, Namugongo, St. Lawrence schools, Seeta High et al. An old boy of not so sure where, he stepped up to the mantle. His opening rebuttal towards character that makes boys/girls shy was met not so warmly by a one Kaweewo Brian, of the Rotaract Club Of Bukoto, and a Ngonian who reminded him of the function days where the single school people always reigned superior and preyed on their mixed school contingent.
He went on to criticise the ‘poor’ hygiene of the single schools crusade pointing out the environment of the later is so carefree. Boomerang, WCP Bridget of Seeta, an OG of Namagunga was not taking it. She came forth to argue that personal discipline is paramount in single schools, unlike in mixed where hygiene is done to please another person.

There was that lot WCP Collins chose to call the unclear having been to both environments and on asking for opinions from them, Odeon of Rotaract Kololo made so much sense, in support of the proposers, at least that’s how it seemed and further swayed the debate to the proposers’ side. The house was on fire, but our contract with time had run out.


While all this was ensuing, WCP & REI Chair, Tonny Lubanja Kiwanuka was all smiles. He had had a sneak peak into what will be a theme night to remember at #REIBusitema15.


At UGX 50,000 join us in Busitema on 25th-27th September 2015 for REIBusitema15. Do carry warm beddings, an Afro, and that ragged High School Uniform of yours.

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