The Homecoming

You have come home again. Are you the prodigal son? No, you’re not. Therefore it is not an issue that you have come home. It is no big deal. Wait, is it? Was it? Unless you are the DRR. Ladies and gentlemen, first of his name, Nicholas Tenywa, was returning to the club that made him, the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo, this time not as a member, but in his pompous capacity as the DRR odf District 9211.


It was the day of joy, on so many fronts but primarily, our own seed had attained the highest office in Rotaract, and was to make his official visit. It was befitting and only fair we termed it as the homecoming. Kanye West saw it years before and made the call. Euphoria here. Euphoria there. Euphoria everywhere.
Clad in a smooth black jacket, he assumed his seat next to World Class President Collins and looked on as Rotaract norms were being observed, as is the culture. It was not long before he was to make his maiden DRR address at the his home club, Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo. From his tone of speech, everyone was made cognisant of the authority with which he spoke. Although he gave off the authoritative aura, he found time within his speech to crack a few jokes an he labored to take us through his years as a then junior member of the club (fresher).
Aside from the chit chat and catch up he was taking us through, he brazenly spelt out what is expected of the club, now the DRR’s club namely: vibrance and visibility in projects and programs of the district, carrying out the original projetcs with more dedication, recruiting stellar and service-driven individuals into the organisation et al. With all the authority his title, sorry accumulated titles over the years, there was always room for a breather. Such a great show of camaraderie! Nicholas is never short of jokes. How does he do it in meetings? A story for another day.
It was at this juncture that he presented the club with a 5th consecutive RI Presidential Citation Award. This made the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo only the second club in the district to attain such a milestone, toether with the Rotaract Club Of Kampala City. It is only fair we note that while President of the club 2012/2013, Nicholas Tenywa won a similar award for the club.
As promised to the masses, the regular After-fellowship was absolved of his duties and the DRR  “Selector Nic” was the DJ of the night. D9211 owes a lot toKyambogo for they gave them a DRR who knows his way very comfortably around music turntables. He played for two hours nonstop and kept the house entertained.


Well, Nicholas, the Buffalo Nation will have your back always and do consider support from us in every decision you choose to make. We wish you a smooth sailing reign as DRR.

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