The Show Goes On #SaveALife15

Earlier this month, you, out of your busy schedule, made time and joined the DRR’s club at the Kyambogo University East End Basketball court for an amateur B-ball Fest. Word is that you had exquisite fun, which is the least we expected. The backbone of the fundraiser though, was not a scam to extort funds and time, but rather a drive to create awareness for our “Save A Life” project that was to happen a fortnight later at the same place. #SaveALife15 happened on the 16th-17th October, 2015.


Poster by : Micheal Senyos

We live in a world where people are not to so bothered by their health. They are cognizant of neither their sexual activity ramifications nor their upright body system functioning


Amina Nasaazi of Rotaract Club Of Bukoto

In the early stages, trepidation writ large on the community members’ faces but as the project gained age, the pressure eased and the numbers started to overwhelm. There were lots of good people. Donors. There were people that wanted to be certain of their status. There were people that looked out for their times of weakness. Many a time, so unplanned, we may find ourselves in need of blood but there are no donors. It may not have to be us, but our loved ones. Our friends. Our neighbors. Out of the good hearts and willingness of these people, 273 units were accumulated from both days, thanks to our involvement with Nakasero Blood Bank. Young adults swarmed the tents in search of answers, in search of guidance, and most importantly, in search of knowledge. Youths were advised to be aware of the biological developments of their bodies, of which they have to take charge. They were advised to take HIV Test and seek counseling too. The number was overwhelming, a whooping 439 people took on the exercise.


A bevy of ladies turned up cervical and breast cancer and screening too. Others felt comfortable testing for Hepatitis B, others allowed to undergo Safe Male Circumcision, many approached the nutrition tent to know how to bolster their diet.


Probably a challenging two days of this project but in the end, the service delivery was helpful and it’s only fair we salute our Community Service director, Ms Nankya Racheal ‘Raha’  (@raha_nankya) for pulling off a very wonderful “Save A Life project.” Worthy of mention are our partners Hariss International, Marie Stopes, Nakasero Blood Bank, Case Medical Center, Alpha Medical Center, Olyaaki Nutritionists, Infectious Diseases Institute and Kyambogo University.


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