The 23rd Year

The Buffalo Nation contingent was elated to have you in their midst as the commemorated 22 years of uninterrupted and selfless service. That celebration meant that we were rowing into and through another year, the 23rd year. It has frankly, been a bit  tumultuous but without a doubt euphoric.

The Club Retreat At Kaazi


At the end of the calendar year, all roads let to Kaazi camping site, with the Buffaloes aiming to wind down from an eventful year, catch up with their pals, do club bonding activities and also interact with nature. Led by then President, JP Sonko, there wasn’t a single dull moment. Team No Sleep had a full subscribers list. The activities; tug of war, board games, dodge ball, rope balancing. Rope got the girls hanging above the ground and many couldn’t help but scream, to the boys’ amusement.

RYLA Mbale 2015


Led by President Jp Sonko, the Buffalo Nation bloviated with the highest number of attendees at the Mbale stationed RYLA, very early on in the calendar year, 22nd Jan to 25th January, 2015. The number of attendees has been withheld due to viewer discretion and matters of national security but just so you know, it was one to brag about.
To add icing on the cake, Cuffie Designs had exclusive rights to dress the club and their distinct design made sure one would make out a Kyambogo Buffalo from any crowd. In Mbale, we made very many new friends, buried hatchets with the formerly gone rogue and not to mention, we let Rotaract Bugolobi have an easy go at this Miss/Mr RYLA competitions. The goodwill of this club is amazing.


Oh how the valentines Day storieswould be perfect right here. Anyway

LFTF Mbarara 2015


The literacy month of Rotary, March, saw us on the trek to the land of the long horns, milk and honey. On 7th March, 2015, and in close partnership with the Rotaract Club Of MUST and hosted by Ntare School, the premium upcountry “Leadership For The Future” project was to be seen off. #LFTFMbarara2015 Thanks to the interactors that made it that day, and also rotaractors from Bugolobi, Nateete, Bukoto, Bweyogerere-Namboole, Kyengera, Kampala West, Lake Victoria, Mbarara Community and Kololo that joined us in Mbarara.

LFTF Sunsas 2015


Being under our tutelage, the interact club of Nabisunsa Girls school couldn’t help it but be exceptional and win honors to host other clubs in their own backyard on the 28th March, 2015. The signature project for school around the central part of Uganda under the tag #LFTFSunsas2015. Over 500 interactors made it that day to siphon on the fountains of wisdom that are Ethan Musolini, Leah Kalanguka (former Miss Uganda) among; others.

Jesus was betrayed, captured, crucified, died and was buried. On the third day He rose and on the 13th of May 2015, it was DCA time.

Nicholas is DRR


Dar es Salaam was our host city from 13th to the 16th May 2015. It’s such a marvelous city with the coastal view one to die for. The cuisine demanded a fresh tummy every other time, so mouth watering. The general was pitch perfect. Forget the lake sand on Ugandan beaches, the white sand beaches are the real spectacle. Back to the matter, by the power vested upon DG Bhatt Harish, he pronounced our past president, Nicholas Tenywa, the new DRR to take over from Counsel Edgar Nsereko. This was the ultimate icing on the cake given that we had picked up an award for our partnership with Rotaract Rafiki in Tanzania, not to mention Past President’s Magambo’s outstanding performance award. The Basoga would dance Amagunju and in the same spirit, we did the Buffalo Nation celebratory routine.


BJ Collins Is Installed


About a fortnight after Nic’s “coronation”, we were set to welcome our next generation president, the heir to JP Sonko’s club. This person was, and is Bbosa James (BJ) Collins. Clad in a Tuxedo, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER, he looked dapper and focused to take the Buffalo Nation to the next level. Everybody’s dressing was on fleek, the food, oh the food.


The Mini Retreat in July 2015


It makes absolutely no sense to claim ruler over a dynasty that’s in disarray. That fact deeply embedded in WCP Collins’ encephalon, he organised a mini retreat close to his neighborhood in Kisaasi, served what the Baganda call ‘Ekijjulo.  He presided over a rather fruitful gathering, had some ground rules set, and goals and aspirations made. In an aim to boost the camaraderie amongst the Buffalo Nation, he hosted a drinks session 20 metres from the mini retreat point. It was a very lovely evening is the simplest way to put it.


WCP Collins’ Freshers Part 1

While stepping up to the top job, amongst his top priorities was mitigating the club’s membership with astute quality. On the 23rd August, 2015, it came to pass that WCP Collins would see his first batch of guests and mentees attain full membership in a loud and fun fellowship, which as tradition has and will forever have it, loud and slippery after fellowship. This were Sam, Martha, Morton, Dennis, Peter, Edgar, Mercy & Precious.

Pride becomes Mrs Mpairwe

Amongst the sacraments catholics hope to observe is Matrimony. All we can say is that this year, Pride found happiness in a one Mpairwe Abraham. Abraham, realising the gem in his arms didn’t take long before he asked Pride to make things official and walk her down the aisle. Pride, we wish you a happy marriage.


Rotary Cancer Run 2015

On behalf of Rotary Uganda, we would love to thank all the shareholders in the hoisting of the Rotary Cancer Ward to its completion. So selfless, you also joined us for this year’s edition as we started on the construction of the blood bank. We were there. We ran. We sweated. We had fun. We raised funds to start the bank.

Cancer run.jpg


Kyambogo for REI;


What is a project without the Buffalo Nation? Your guess is as good as ours, an unrecognizable one. WCP Collins had us join him and his Rotaract Earth Initiative (REI) boss, Tonny Lubanja TLK (People’s Choice, Bade Acche, Rham Kapoor) and the entire Rotaract crusade in Busitema from 25th to 27th September 2015 with the goal of laying the foundation for the beautification of Mother Earth. On top of that, we organised by far the most successful theme night, the High School night where Mixed Schools swindled and swayed the debate their way at the cost of Single Schools. Climbing the hills was off the charts, we were tired from a successful night. #REIBusitema15


Basketball Fest 2015


With hopes to garner funds to facilitate our Save A Life project, we took to the basketball court of Kyambogo University for the inaugural #BballFest15. Thanks to tireless efforts from Eliot and Nicholas Kagina, 3rd October 2015 was an overwhelming success, with Rotaract Club Of Kampala South, the Southern Knights seeing off Kaweewo’s Bukoto ANTs.

Save A Life 15


Expounded to comprise of blood donation, dietitics, HIV Testing and Counseling, Breast & Cervical Cancer screening, the community around Banda was the beneficiary. Records indicate that the entire participants number was more than 500. As if that’s not enough, the blood units target was shot past as we collected ….units,…more than the target.


It has been a year of achievement and all the above is short of our victory at the Break A Leg competition, the same day we were holding the #BballFest15. We claimed winners honors at Rotaract Mukono’s Sports Day. To crown it all, our guest, Raymond Qatahar in partnership with PR Director Edna Ninsiima conquered everything Foosball, as organized by Rotaract Club Of Kyengera.

Not to brag but it pays to be part of this family of winners. Here’s to us and more victories 🍻🍻🍻


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