Buffaloes In The Wild

Don’t read so much into the title. Why? Humps ahead.


(It’s not a movie scene of US V Vietnam. Photo credit: WCP Collins)

On the back of a successful calendar year, shared in two halves by JP Sonko & BJ Collins, the club saw it fit to take the celebratory get together away from the turmoil in the city. The club is the Rotaract Club of Kyambogo. The DRR’s club. The Buffalo Nation. The Mwekuume Husbands. Champions innate &  incarnate.


Saturday 19th December 2015, the club was to set off for Sezibwa Falls Resort for the End Of Year Retreat. Events to do with this club are never short of splendor. But we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it.


(Photo credit: WCP Collins)

We were originally set to depart at 12pm but Eliot was made to pay a hefty price for being the only ‘wiseacre’ that arrived in time. The tortoise-ish traffic flow caused many to delay though some, like President Collins are just poor time managers. Nonetheless, we have managed to live with them. At about 3:23pm, a convoy of ‘n’ cars left for Sezibwa. Your guess is as good as mine. We had to honor the 8th wonder of the world. Namawojjolo. The chicken had to be eaten. The gonja, the same. And oh, Bbosa Collins had to take selfies.


We checked into Sezibwa at about 5pm and were welcomed by a cool environment, a perfect get away from Going Forward with Steady Progress. Selfies, camera shots with the falls in the background and familiarization with nature lit up the recurring hour. The scenery is to die for.


(Photo Credit: Lewis Ssemujju)

Not before long, the fun started. The ‘nyama choma’ guy got to his ‘sigiri.’ (P.S; This is IPP JP Sonko’s business so please, support a brother.) The sodas, beers and whiskeys started to say bye to their originals homes, the bottles. The ladies took to preparing the meals for the evening led by Blazing Betsy. On the other hand, the boys were doing their Ozil, Messi and others, their Lord Bendtner. Emma Busingye was the first to get a goal for his team after a solo effort. The other team replied with a well worked move, that got Asiimwe ‘Ozil’ Nicholas to locate a ‘Chicharito’ poacher in Ssemujju Lewis Elmer who made no mistake and levelled terms. The end result was a 1-1 draw but notable performances;
• Denno Kiseka – Wayne Rooney
  • Douglas Mwesigwa – Falcao
  • Bbosa Collins – Lord Bendtner
  • Mugisha Eliot – Obi Mikel
  • Michael Senyos – Andy Mwesigwa
  • Samson Asiimwe – Geoffrey Massa
  • Kenigga Abraham – Abou Diaby
  • Edgar Madira – Niklas Bendtner
  • Thomas Magambo – Marco Materrazzi


Night started to reign. The games of the pitch and tomato chopping ended. The games dictated by the DJ started. Club guest, Roy Mugume, was the man for the decks. His transitions from Zouk, to Naija, through to EA music, off to the Carribean Islands. No one was bored. Everyone checked their storage facilities for those moves.


(That’s Nic Asiimwe, not Roy)

It was all fun and games til a few people lit up Zappa. The ensuing events were and are to be *censored.* All that can be said is the Zappa is the last we could identify with these specific people. The rest of the night followed through the plan with others doing rituals ’round the fire’ and others tasting all the whiskey.


Zappa has air-bending powers.
Photo credit: Rtn Ronnie Mutalya

The sun rose from the East, as always, and we had to do the nature walk. To learn about the heritage of this place, and trek the falls from their source. Notably, after the walk, a one Douglas exhibited lightskin and last born tendencies when he jumped on a Bajaaj for transport back to the camping ground.


(Douglas on his lightskin behavior)


(Atop the rocks in Sezibwa)

At the grounds, the long awaited gift exchange took place. Many broke down in tears. Others almost bent a knee to propose. And no, I don’t mean Eliot. Others made others look bad.


The get away was a wonderful time to bond as a club and it’d disrespectful not to honor the efforts of PE Martin, Blazing and Nicholas Kagina who put it all together. To our guests Maria, Joanne, Modex, Donam, Roy, Diane, Huzaifah, Mark & Ella, we were glad to have you with us and hope we can have your membership with us as permanent.


Photo credit; Edna Ninsiima

Enjoy the festive season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the DRR’s Club.


Flyer by Michael Senyos

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