Well Done Miss Anny

In the month of January, Rotary calls us to honor our vocations. Rotary does respect the notion that we are professionally vast. We’re implored to use our professional skills to wipe out the mishaps that have marred the face of the earth.


In the same spirit, it is customary to identify individuals, independent of the Rotary organization that have gone out of their comforts to influence positive change in their communities. The Buffalo Nation chose to honor Madam Anny Ngoga Bwengye.

Anny is a mother, farmer and social volunteer born on 4th November, 1954. Anny has had quite the educational journey, traversing Uganda, Zambia and Europe in Germany specifically. Anny is a youth mobilizer with Uganda Catholic Episcopal Conference, a councillor with Nsambya community and a volunteer matron at Nsambya Babies Home.


Notably, Anny is the founder of In Need Home, where she currently is the Executive Director. The home is located on Plot 1-3, school road at Namuwongo. It is an NGO that empowers orphans and vulnerable children to realize their full potential.


The CV is quite the lengthy one but for a more comprehensive detail; log onto


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