It’s time for a new beginning, anew thinking based on the rise of woman hood, the rise of the essence of a woman, in the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual sense.

Woman hood is to fly like abee in abeautiful garden of flowers or soar in the sky and fly like a swan crossing distinct lands and oceans. It’s a feeling of freedom, happiness and fun and it’s an attitude to live a life to the fullest for the sake of one’s self as well as for others.

It all starts with having a dream, realizing your ultimate purpose in life and striving to achieve it.God called us here to function, when you have a thought, trust it and work upon it, it will become real. The time has come for us to realize that we are not in the universe but we are the universe. We have the potential to have it all with equal opportunities like men do and it’s our turn to rise above the bar, break the ancient rules and shine.

Do you ever ask yourself why women struggle more to make it? The answer is simple, we are afraid to start. Look, the dream is realized by the will of the dreamer, you can never know what your strength can do until you put it to test. Your ability for your strength lies in your willingness for determination.Sherly Sandberg COO Facebook in her book LEAN IN says that “ women need to shift from thinking ,I am not ready to do that ,to thinking I want to do that and I will earn by doing it”.


Bear in mind that you must live in the moment, tomorrow is the day when you will profit by yesterday’sexamples. The now is the important hour, it’s the tool you hold in your hands for the work that you are doing at the moment. Therefore let’s identify things that are of importance to us and focus on them, decide on what we want to do, say goodbye to all the habits that hold us down. Be ready to have very difficult conversations, makeright choices and handle temptations, beempathetic, think about our legacy and look out for opportunities, for aspiring to greatness comes with serious sacrifices.

Life is way too short to settle for anything less than what you truly want. Refuse to be a mediocre and strive for excellence for it’s the place where people who refuse to settle for mediocrity live. It’s a journey of continuous progression towards the goals in your life.

Let’s rise ladies, lets rise

I wish you all the best!!

By : Ashaba Pride


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