WCP Collins Says, “Thank You.”

I greet you all my partners in service.

The Rotary year 2015/16 will always be memorable to me. I mean, what’s better than leading the best Rotaract club in D9211? Lestwe forget, I was the DRR’s president.


I believe I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. I had a young, hard working and self motivated Board to serve with and the non Board members were always available when called upon. As a club, we reached new heights and achieved 150% of the set targets in the work plan and I want to take off time to thank everyone who played a role in this.

The club inducted 14 new members during the Rotary year 2015/16. I would like to thank the membership Directorate for making this happen; Eliot Mugisha, Kagina Nicholas and the club trainer IPP JP Sonko. I would also like to thank those members that invited guests to the club; Solomon, Edna, Martin, Lewis, Raha and others, thanks for those gifts you gave to the club.

For the first time in many years, the Buffalo Nation organized a fundraiser and achieved way beyond the set targets. I would like to thank Eliot Mugisha for coming up with the great idea of organizing the Basketball Challenge. I won’t forget the team that made it happen; Kagina, Edgar, Martin, Lewis, Michael, Keniga, Morton, Timothy, Moris, Mercy and the MC JP Ssonko. Then, there were the Lemon Drops that made the event colorful and fun, thank you ladies.

I would also like to thank the Community, International and Club service Directorates for organizing great projects. Raha and team, thank you for Kamuli and Save a Life projects. Agatha and team, thank you for the LFTF projects. Immy and team, thank you for the Kids’ Christmas party.


To the teams and individuals that won us awards this year, thank you very much. Thanks to the PR team of Edna, Lewis and Liz for bringing home the Country award for best PR. Thank you JP Ssonko Ssemwanga for winning the People’s choice Rotaractor of the year at both Country and Club level and representing the club well.

Thanks to VP Michael and Secretary Gladys for the great work behind the scenes. Thanks for the working on the certificates, flyers, a new club banner and awards throughout this Rotary year.

I would like to thank the club treasurers Nicholas Asiimwe and Liz Mbabazi for the great work done handling club funds and leaving the club’s account richer than we found it.

To my seniors and advisors, thank you very much. Your advice and words of encouragement kept me going and made me a better leader. IPP JP, PP Tom, DRR Nicholas and PP Ronald Mutalya, thank you very much. Thanks to all the club members that attended fellowships and club activities and represented the club well in all Rotary activities.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and Guests that joined the Rotaract club of Kyambogo for all our activities in the Rotary year 2015/16. We appreciate your support and hope that you’ll double it in the future.

I would have loved to serve as president for one more year but I believe Martin will do a better job. Also, it’s time for me to experience other leadership roles at and beyond club level.

We were gifts to the world.



Bbosa Collins

Past President of the Rotaract club of Kyambogo

Proudly sponsored by Rotary club of Kyambogo

Club trainer 2016/17

ADRR D9211 2016/17 


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