Buffalo Nation Meets Gayaza High School Interactors

       “The nation that is supreme above all others during one age, will be eclipsed by another in the next age. – Paul Harris

It is vital we have knowledge shared and passed on to different generations.


(A photo moment with the GHS Interact Club board)

The Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo has flourished and excelled at youth service and this past Wednesday (3rd August 2016), we were amidst the interactors of Gayaza High School in fellowship. The fellowship was chaired by the girls’ president, Janice and our very own Martin Kizza who insisted the girls called him “Keyza.”

(If you think this is a lie, go consult with the girls he insisted should be fined for not adhering to his steady progress name game. )


(The high table, practically.)

The interactors of Gayaza High School are a very industrious bunch who brag of a bevy of well executed projects, strong and beautiful membership and immense passion for service. Deservedly so.


(Fellowship in session)

Similar to what we do but on a different axis, these girls tackle “Education & Literacy” through sponsoring the academic journeys of other youngsters like them through paying their fees and providing scholastics, a project which they proudly have sustained for longer than 10 years. How marvelous!

Remember the headache we used to give “cooks” that served us meals at school? These girls occasionally ask the “cooks” to take a breather and let the former do the serving meals duty.


(Youth Service Director, Morris, with a few good words)

There was a lot of sharing from both sides and the girls were humble enough to seek counsel and guidance on a few issues majorly concerning reporting, public relations,  membership retention and what they hoped the new joint venture with the Buffalo Nation would benefit them.


(The Buffalo Nation mini brigade)

The President was accompanied by PR Director – Ingrid Atugonza, VP – Nicholas Asiimwe, Membership Director – Ssemujju Lewis, International Service Director – Kiyingi Timothy and Ex-officio Eliot Mugisha.

As the Buffalo Nation, we are so ecstatic about the journey we’re to embark on with the interactors of Gayaza High School and from what met the eye, the girls couldn’t wait to work and identify with us.

Watch Out Everybody!!! We’re taking this to the next level!!!



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