Run For Hope

After what many thought was an ambitious, audacious and outrageous journey in building a fully furnished cancer treatment center, the program is now in its 5th year with lots of promise; more than one could envisage at the start.

Every last Sunday in August, since 2012, a mammoth crowd has been turning out for this fundraiser, with numbers growing by the year, and people throwing all their support behind rotary, towards the construction of this facility.

We did not to have wait for corporate companies to lead the way, the Buffalo Nation have always been called out by their president to come out in large numbers and beat cancer to the finish line during the run. 2016 was no exception.


Squad goals : Buffalo Nation

Time check: 7:00am || The runners have been flagged off at Kololo Independence grounds and as usual were led by the fitness enthusiast and Country Rotaractor of the year, JP Sonko Ssemwanga, while the not-so-familiar-with-running squad was led by District Selfie Officer (He told us it is a recognized title. We’re still consulting with RI) taking all kinds of snapshots and selfies for social media and keeping the buzz on social media going, WCP Bbosa Collins. We were joined by our ADRR, in Rotaract Club Of Kampala North’s trainer Wallace Douglas Walugembe.

A little something made the 2016 run special. Our newest partners were also here. It was an intimidating running besides the interactors of Gayaza High School. It was both fun & not fun. It was marvelous to have them around and it got unfunny when some of the members gas chimneys ran dry yet the girls showed zeal that they were still going. Good news is, everyone made it to the finish line very healthy and it goes without saying we’re looking forward to the next run.


Kyambogo rotaractors and Gayaza interactors

Cancer Run 5 started the efforts to equip the Rotary-Centenary Bank Cancer Center with the LINAC (Linear Accelerator), a machine the uses a high energy X-rays to conform to a tumor shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing the surrounding normal  tissue.


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