Mwekuume, literally.

It yet again came to pass, as has been the case every year, for as far behind as we want to count. Mwekuume Installation saw the grandest stage of ushering in new presidents in D9211.

Mwekuume installations are synonymous with glamour and splendor but this year, the fraternity with four DRRs took it a notch higher and went pretty literal with their own identity.

Mwekuume is a Luganda word that could be loosely translated as “Let’s be one.” And yes, the fraternity is clearly “one”. All and sundry took it upon themselves to disclose their various marital statuses to the public and officially, or so we think, declare themselves part of the no fly zone. Just like Konshens preached in his “Coupe Up” chorale, every man to a girl. It was a couple’s night out so to say.

The now outgone president of the Rotaract club of Bukoto, Solomon Baguma, took to the mantle first to introduce his successor, Paul Nasasira. Paul later came forward to introduce his board but before he would do that, he called forth the lady that gives him butterflies in his tummy to be by his side. Aaaawww. You will realize there is no mention of Solomon’s better half. Well, that’s because there is none. DG Ken Mugisha said that maybe it’s because the would-be lady is scared of who would have more saloon time and money in the relationship.

Fast forward to the president of Rotaract club of Rubaga, Elvis Lubega. Instead of telling us about his achievements in the year, the gentleman spent time narrating the nitty-gritties of their honeymoon. Midway his description of the love he has for his wife and thanking Rotary for supporting his marital journey, he called on her and also awarded himself through her for being a good president. Wow! Just wow! His successor, Tuna Angel was later introduced and as she came forward, her hype men from Kenya never let the crowd catch a breath with their boisterous ululations. We do not want to suggest that Jamal (Tuna’s chief hype man) is what you are thinking. There maybe nothing there. Or maybe there is.

Then came of the turn the president of the club with the biggest board every year. President Martin of the Rotaract Club of Kyambogo. As always, Martin throws in a few fun facts about the number “two” and how auspicious it is in his love life. He got his “FUN FACT SHELDON COOPER” out of the way and called forward the lady that has kept him in a nail polish bottle to join him at the podium. Oh how lovely she looked! He then introduced his successor, Nicholas Asiimwe, who like Solomon walked up with no one. The club was very disappointed and sooner rather than later started a campaign to rectify that status. #GetNicAsiimweABae is slowly starting to pick up.

You want us to talk about them. Don’t you? The Honorary ADRR of the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo, Walugembe Wallace Douglas. He was called forth to receive an award from ASP Martin and wasted no time to showcase the uniform he and his concomitant donned for the occasion. Back to school time.

This post could go on and on…but we shall wait for the photographer before we can carry forward with any descriptions.



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