Last Week In Kyambogo – Today: Week 2.

Going into the new week, we had all hoped for the best but owing to the sudden passing of RI President Elect Sam Owori, the morale was low. The mood was certainly somber. The bright star that was, had fallen and many had hoped it be a bad dream but alas! Condolences and praises flew in and are still flowing in from all corners of the earth, with the Buffalo Nation amongst those commiserating with the entire Rotary Family for the huge dent in the loss of Sam Owori. The Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo lit candles in his honor. Rest in Power Sam Owori.



(Poster by Brian Kaweewo)

What better way to uplift the spirits of the good Red house faithful than an Old School roast, dubbed Hot Seat Fellowship, featuring one of the most vocal Rotaractors that there is and probably will be, past Country Chair, Kalule Ibrahim Gava. The Rotaract Club Of Lake Victoria had willingly lent him to us for close to 24 hours i.e. Thursday 20th July 0000HRS to 2359HRS. If you were keen enough, you would realize Gava was registered under the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo within that time even on the Rotary website. (If you want to argue, first make sure the producers of Logan give us back our two hours. So much wasted time on an overly hyped, well put together amalgam of boredom.)

Back to the matter, Gava aka Mr No-Physical-Resources was being served by Past and World Class President Bbosa Collins. Collins put a heavy foot on the gas and got the fellowship running with uncomfortable questions going Gava’s way. The latter was to answer all questions asked without fail, otherwise risk filling the Sergeant’s coffers with coin and more coin. Dating/Courtship is always a ticklish subject amongst the gentlemen and Gava was no exception. He was often spotted blushing when WCP Collins hinted on Gava’s escapades and the ladies that were either lucky or unlucky enough to have made his acquaintance. Did you know that Gava has business interests in Eastern Uganda? Well, now you do. Did you know that Gava failed to make DRR because he had no “physical resources?” Did you know that Gava has a fleet of cars? [Note that the verb used is “to have” rather than “to own.”] It was a practically “lit” fellowship with Gava’s answers or ineptitude to dodge questions leaving the audience burst out loud in laughter.


At this moment, Gava knew that he had to answer or reward the sergeant with coin.



Best believe, it was hilarious and “lit.”


First forward to Saturday, Mwekuume was having their In House training and being the husbands in the fraternity, we were there to tap from the immensely endowed wells of wisdom that rest on the shoulders of Rotarian Obal who was talking about effective Public Relations, Past DRR Edgar Nsereko who was expounding on how to cement the gap between Rotarians and Rotaractors, Past DRR Winnie Karungi who advised us to take professionalism beyond our workplaces, ADRR Noah Nyabwana taking us through an effective M&E of a project, Past Country Secretary Atim Sharon illuminating on membership recruitment. MGP Paul Nasasira spared a minute out of his busy schedule and elucidated on membership quality, retention and growth.

Later that day, we were headed to Sports Beach Entebbe for the beach soccer fundraiser organized by the Rotaract Club Of Lake Victoria. Not to brag, but we have won this fundraiser on multiple occasions( of course we are athletically gifted) and this time round, we had gone to the beach to “slay” and maybe help the other participants with our tactics. The Victorians did not want to hear none of that. They got us into two teams to emphasize their point of extended participation. Between the two teams of Mwekuume, we managed four victories but didn’t go past the first knockout rounds. As if that was not enough, like the gates at Castle Black, the skies gave way to a massive downpour drowning their wetness into the fundraiser. Oh, the cold! Many sought solace in the after party to try and get some warmth in a rather cruel and unforgiving evening.

There is frankly no stern memory of that after party. That’s how cold the evening was. So cold it froze out memories. It was a lovely week with you our partners and we look forward to yet another. Step by step, we shall make the positive difference we set out to.


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