Last Week In Kyambogo – Today : Week 3

The passing of the late RI President Elect Sam Owori had taken a major toll on all of us, no points for guessing. Be that as it may, instead of drowning in sorrows, the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo joined the entire Rotary family around the world to honor the achievements, the unsurmountable legacy left behind by the late Sam Owori. The remains of the late Sam arrived in the country late on Monday and a week’s remembrance activities were lined up to honor him; from Lying in state at parliament, to the Inter-faith fellowship at the MTN Arena in Lugogo, to vigils and finally, the burial. Sleep with Angels, Sam Frobisher Owori.


In his nomination speech as RI President Elect, Sam Frobisher Owori stressed the need to have Rotaractors move to on to join Rotary, inadvertently equipping the organization with individuals who already hold the ideals of the organization, and also bring down the average age of the entire organization. Needless to say, this is in its own right one of the “Goals Of Rotaract” the fifth to be exact. Being the exemplary lad that he is, Past President Nicholas Tenywa heeded the advice of the fallen service man and decided to call time on his “Rotaract career,” and move on to Rotary. Nicholas Tenywa decided to deliver his Valedictorian address during fellowship.


Emotional? For Tenywa? Yes. For our membership director? Not as much, as she has lined a number of potent replacements from her guests list obviously. Fellowship was called to order by VP Tonny Jingo (Yes, maybe Nicholas Asiimwe is finally having cold feet) a score of minutes past 1800HRS and we were soon through with the norms. Nicholas Tenywa delivered a recap more or less of his illustrious 11 year Rotaract journey to the astonishment of the entire house given that 98% of the attendance were yet to do UCE examinations by the time he was inducted into the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo. He was being aided by a projection of images describing his journey through all DCAs, RYLAs, fellowships, hospitalities et al. It was in this extended recap that Past DRR Nicholas Tenywa informed of us of his many mentors, including the current country chair, Jakob Ssendawula Kiwanuka. We did not see that one coming. Did you?


From the passion in his tone, supplemented by the pictures running on the projector screen, it was obvious Nicholas had enjoyed his time in Rotaract and as well made a profit of it through the number of connections gotten, the width and breadth of the networks built. Nicholas was practically raised in a family of Rotary with his parents being Rotarians and past presidents of our sponsoring club. Talking our sponsoring club, when they heard Nicholas had put a lid on his Rotaract journey, they sent an able team of the Immediate Past President Ronnie, President Elect Zaddock, and New Generations Thomas to lure him, or better said, grab him for Rotary Club Of Kyambogo. After fellowship, Nicholas took to the turntables to give our grooms (Martin, Eliot, John Paul) the first test of a bachelors party.


Fast forward to Saturday, it was one of the many days the clubs were eagerly waiting for. President Elect Rachel “Raha” Nankya was introducing Past President John Paul Sonko Ssemwanga to her parents. The club was ably represented with three quarters of the membership, wisely distributed on both sides. The ladies were slaying the traditional garb. Elizabeth, Diane, Jesca, Flavia, Gladys, Pride, Betty, Raha. The gentlemen were literally killing the tunic. JP, Senyos, Bbosa, Samson, Martin, Morris all on the side of the groom. Amid the function, we were able to tap a conversation our President Nicholas Asiimwe was having with Godwin, Lewis, Emmanuel and TJ. It went as follows:

Nic: It is a colorful day. I can’t wait for the wedding.

            Emma: Your card got lost in the mail.

            Tonny: Emma, you are fighting ugly.

            Nic: By the way, at my wedding, I will have you boys seated on separate tables. That way, you won’t be as chaotic.

            Lewis: Let us not get ahead of ourselves, Nicholas. First, you need to get a girlfriend.

                        *Boy entourage (Raha’s brothers) breaks into laughter.*

PS: Our President is a very wise man but sometimes we let go and let God.

Did we mention how beautiful the bride was? Our President Elect is dazzlingly beautiful. As for the groom, we have not seen Past President John Paul so tame, so calm. He was almost unrecognizable. When his bride came out of the house, he beamed from ear to ear and couldn’t take his gaze off her. It was an inspirational sight for the single ladies and gentlemen in the club.

John Paul and Raha, the Rotaract Club Of Kyambogo wishes you a very happy marriage.


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