Last Week In Kyambogo – Today: Week 4

It is the membership and extension month ladies and gentleman. If understood correctly, this is the month we are supposed to celebrate our own existence, aside the charter anniversaries. We celebrate our members, our endeavors and all the club has done. In Kyambogo, we know how to celebrate, hence the saying, “It is not a party without Kyambogo.” 

When our sponsoring club (Rotary Club Of Kyambogo-Kampala) heard that we were sweeping Past President Nicholas Tenywa out of the club, they did not waste any time. Actually, there was a covert mission that we only got to know about last week. They had been mentoring him for Rotary for a while now. Oh, they are good! And last week, he was inducted into the Rotary Club Of Kyambogo-Kampala as the youngest and newest member. Congrats PP Nicholas Tenywa. You have upheld the 5th goal of Rotaract. President Nicholas Asiimwe, in the same respect, sends greetings to JP Sonko, Bbosa Collins, Morris Thibenda and Keyza Martin. 

Nicholas Tenywa is inducted while his father and Rotarian Mr Sizoomu George, Rtn Moses Musiitwa look on. 

Thursday is fellowship day, deeply engraved in the Red House faithful. Last Thursday, we were talking traveling. Why, you ask? There are a number of things that clubs need to put into plan so as to keep the membership refreshed and motivated. As a club, we believe traveling as a group works magic with bonding and whom else to have do justice to this topic than the amazing Joanita Nalubega Nvannungi of Kafunda Kreativ, Koi Koi Uganda and needless to say, Rotaract Club Of Bukoto. Joanne informed us to first of all exhaust all local destinations before thinking international, along with some travel tips like traveling light, researching about the destination, accommodation options-tents or cottages.

Saturday, we were celebrating our members. Jp Sonko Ssemwanga and Rachel “Raha” Nankya decided to legalize it. For a while now, Raha had expressed her dislike for staying in Mutundwe regardless of the fact that it was Kiggaga Zone (for the rich.) Sources of the club say it was because of the parking space and as not forgetting the poor network coverage. Our source goes on to say that luckily for Raha, JP had had Airtel put a mast in his backyard. GOALS!!!!!! And there was still enough room left for parking the numerous cars Raha and Jp are going to buy. That would actually make sense if we put two and two together. At about 1230HRs, they pledged and dedicated their lives to another with a full Christ The King Church serving as witness. At 1630HRs, they walked into the reception dinner venue to ululations of their many friends who were glad for them. 

At the reception dinner, well, we got to know a few interesting things. Before there was Raha, there was Rachel. Before there was Rachel, there was “Lakeeli.” We were ably told the change in names was inspired by first, Facebook, then Airtel Masappe and WhatsApp and slaying. The opening dance had everyone hold out their camera phones trying to record for their own benefit and practice later in time for their own wedding days. The dance brought back the Jp his SMACK old boys had once known, and at the same time, the President JP that used to lead the after fellowship dancing right by the pool table in the Red house. The after party was in the hands of DJ KasBaby whose scratching got revelers off their seats in celebration of the beginning of the JP and Raha….apologies….The Ssemwangas journey. 
Mr and Mrs Ssemwanga, we continue to celebrate your achievements. 


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